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Game ServersTop-tier performance and reliability

Start your next adventure by preordering a game server slot today. Whether you’re racing to defuse the bomb in Counter Strike or mining for diamonds in Minecraft. We've got you covered!.

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Minecraft $1.49/GB
Mordhau $0.45/slot
Pixark $0.65/slot
Rust $0.15/slot
Starbound $0.65/slot
Post Scriptum $0.50/slot
Terraria $0.55/slot

Experience the Power of Dedicated Servers

Opting for anything other than perfection is ludacris! Our next generation select of hosting is right for you, just look at the benefits we have to offer.

Complete Management

The effortless solution to managing your systems. We can handle everything you need, from website setup to database integration for your piece of mind.

Free DDoS Protection

NexusNode will protect you from any uninvited intruders. Our sophisticated DDoS protection will enable your users to carry on surfing without interruption.

Instant Setup

Our setup process is automated and instant. Once you’ve purchased your plan simply follow the steps we provide and your host will be connected and ready for use in minutes.

Our game datacenters are located in 7 Regions

All your servers should be connected to the Internet at their 10, 40, 100 Gbps ports-speed while the bandwidth is aggregated within the same location for significant savings.

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Multicraft Control Panel

Manage all Your Servers in 1 Place

Our fully redundant, highly available platform utilizes enterprise hardware and open-source technology, helping to maximize uptime.

Stop, Start, Reboot, and Reinstall

Direct access to control your server. Stop, Start, Reboot and Reinstall in real time!

Browser-Based Console

View your server console directly online without needing to download third party software.


Ready to Get Started?

The servers are booted, select your plan and become our latest satisfied client.