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Cloud VPS HostingTop-tier performance and reliability

A Shared Hardware platform with Virtualised Dedicated Compute resources. Scalable and fully upgradable!

  • Your choice of over 25 different operating systems
  • Kubernetes improves availability, scalability and efficiency
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Configure Cloud Server

Use the sliders below to customize your virtual server.


{{configmap[0][configoption[0]-1].size}} Cores

Price: $2.00 per CPU Core


{{configmap[1][configoption[1]-1].size}} GB

Price: $1.00 per GB Memory

NVMe Storage

{{configmap[2][configoption[2]-1].size}} GB

Price: $1 per 25 GB Storage


{{configmap[3][configoption[3]-1].size}} TB

Price: $0.25 per 100GB

Backup Storage

{{configmap[4][configoption[4]-1].size}} TB

Price: $5 per TB

IP Addresses

{{configmap[5][configoption[5]-1].size}} IP

Price: $1.00 per IP

Configurable Options

Enterprise Private Hosted Cloud Available! Contact us with your requirements and we’ll give you a quote.

1-Click Distributions

Need an OS that is not on the list? Send us a ticket and we will install it!


Virtual Server Features

List of features to get you in control of your hosting solutions.

Powered by Intel Xeon Gold & Platinum CPUs

The Xeon Platinum Series on the 4189 socket aims to provide Great Performance using Faster Memory, Increased Interconnect & Accelerator Engines, and all combined with Advanced Reliability.

Enterprise M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD

Samsung’s EVO PRO all-flash solutions for heavy workloads deliver unrivalled performance, reliability and capacity without bottlenecks.

ECC DDR4 2666MHz Server Memory

Samsung’s memory modules are designed for a wide range of applications to deliver the best performance with low power requirements.

Redundant Links

Fully Redundant Connections, Dual PSU, Dual Network, Multi-Node Redundancy & Disaster Recovery Plans

Cisco Meraki Hardware

Enterprise Class Cisco Meraki Hardware. Providing server metricks and insights into the network before issues occur.

Fast Network Connectivitiy

Dual Redundant 10Gbit/s Connections with a total of 20Gbit/s connection capacity per node.

Instant OS Installation

One click installation of any OS of your choice. View your licences and purchase a custom licence for additional OS installations

Instant Server Upgrades

Upgrade your server in real time. Configuration takes seconds and reboot your server in your own time to save the changes.

Full Server Metricks

View your CPU, Memory, Storage, Network, IO, Layer 7 application visibility and traffic shaping

Manage Network Connectivity

Enable & Disable Ports, Setup Access Control, MAC Filtering, IP Filtering, Application prioritization & QoS

Configure scheduled tasks

Disable ports during specific times? Reboot your server at a set time? Allow IP Address for X time.

Access Control

Identity-based policies, Stateful firewall, Geo-based IP firewall, MAC & Sticky MAC.

Advanced DDoS Protection.

Used frequently to protect online games, DNS, TCP services, HTTPS and HTTP websites. Attackers will not be able to put your services down regardless of the type of attack.

24 x 7 Security

All our data centers offer 24/7 security, which involves security guard patrol, continuous CCTV surveillance of external/internal areas, access control permissions, ID verification, and card-key access into the data center.

Cisco Threat Grid

Cisco® Threat Grid combines two of the leading malware protection solutions: unified malware analysis and context-rich intelligence. It empowers security professionals to proactively defend against and quickly recover from cyber attacks.

Tier III, ISO27001, SOC compliant

We undergo a yearly, independent third-party audit to ensure the effectiveness of our controls. We comply with sections 9 and 12 (physical premises), ensuring a secure environment for credit card payments

Multi-Node Redundancy

Each VPS is backed up 1:1 on another node and can also be upgraded to be run in another datacenter proactively.

Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)

Breach prevention. Continuous monitoring of malicious behavior. Rapid malware detection. Malware removal.

Managed Services

Need us to install services for you? We charge a $100 setup fee for any service or installed solution and then hourly for any additional work

Backup Storage

Choose up to 144TB of backup NAS Storage for your server fully redundant and backed up in multiple locations.

Multi Node

Host an exact Snapshot of your server in another location and then link them together using TCP Anycast to provide faster solutions.

Virtual Switch

View your virtual switch and configure ports as you would on a normal enterprise managed switch in the cloud instantly

Server Snapshot

Take a live backup "Snapshot" of your server and restore back to it at any point without needing to reinstall the server.

Clone VM

Want to duplicate your VM in the same or in a new location? You can easily do it with the Clone feature!

Our Datacenters are located in 16 Regions

All your servers should be connected to the Internet at their 10, 40, 100 Gbps ports-speed while the bandwidth is aggregated within the same location for significant savings.

Explore Datacenters
Ashburn, VA
United States
London, UK
France, FR
Frankfurt, GR
Russia, RU
Europe & Asia
Finland, FI
Istanbul, TU
Europe & Asia
Australia, AU
Hong Kong, HK
South Africa, SA
Brazil, BR
South America
Buffalo, NY
North America
Chicago, IL
North America
Dallas, TX
North America
Seattle, WA
North America
Florida, FL
North America

Powerful and Easy-to-Use Control Panel

Manage all Your Settings in 1 Place

Our fully redundant, highly available platform utilizes enterprise hardware and open-source technology, helping to maximize uptime.

Stop, Start, Reboot, and Reinstall

Direct access to control your server. Stop, Start, Reboot and Reinstall in real time!

Browser-Based Console

View your server console directly online without needing to download third party software.

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Have your own question? Ask us here

Is your cloud hardware redundant?

Yes! Unlike a regular VPS, our Cloud VPS are fully hardware redundant. This means that if the physical hardware your server is running on were to fail, your virtual environment will be automatically restarted on standby hardware within a few minutes.

Can I use the server to host multiple web sites?

Yes, you may host as many web sites as you like, there is no hard limit. You'll just need to ensure that you give your server enough memory, disk space and processor to handle the demand. If you're not sure how much to allocate, get in touch and we can advise you.

Is there a minimum contract?

No, there is no minimum contract, and all payments are month-to-month. You'll receive a 25% discount with annual payments.

How many IPs do I get?

You get one IP per VPS server however you can add up to 16 IP's on application.

How is my data backed up?

Every file you upload to your cloud server is stored 3 times within our cloud storage systems. Should hardware fail, your data will remain available. We can additionally provide daily/weekly/monthly snapshot backups of your entire server for a small extra fee.

Do i get any help setting up applications and software

Choose the managed option at the checkout and we will setup your server as needed, Any additional work is charged in line with our terms and conditions.


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